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Unit8 FRederick Md 21701 Sunlighten vs T
Sunlighten vs Traditional Saunas 2.PNG
1-Chromtherapy Lighting.PNG
1-Chromtherapy Lighting 2.PNG



  • Arrive to your appointment on time.

  • Ensure your body is free of excess oils, lotions and perfume before coming to sauna.

  • Do not apply oils, lotions or any other products (other than approved sauna creams) prior to using the sauna.

  • Be courteous when playing music in your sauna suite as there will be other guests relaxing in our facility.

  • Do not bring plastic water bottles into the sauna for your own health and protection.

  • Be mindful of where you place your jewelry and valuables when in your suite. We provide trays for jewelry, but are not responsible for lost items.

  • Leave your towels where they are when your session is done. We will happily collect them when we clean the sauna/suite.

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